VIVINO Bitan Aharon

At Vivino Bitan Aharon, far from the bustle, you will find a haven of Italian calm, combining modern styling with touches of rich culture from the country of the boot.

At the open kitchen with the giant outdoor stove imported from Italy, you can see how fresh quality produce is transformed into appetizing dishes: Pizzas and Focaccias made from the unique Vivino dough produced on site and “opened” per order, fresh pasta, a variety of juicy meats, fish and seafood, vegan dishes, gluten-free dishes, children’s dishes, and a rich dessert menu.
At Vivino you will also find an impressive bar offering a huge selection of authentic Italian wines from all over Italy, quality wines from local wineries, and numerous unique cocktails that will bring joy to your heart and soul.

All these transform Vivino into so much more than just a restaurant... Vivino is the Piazza where everyone
meets, for a rich,& happy Italian meal experience, or family & business events, in a real Italian atmosphere!



VIVINO Bitan Aharon

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