VIVINO Be’er Sheva – Kosher

Vivino’s Kosher branch in Be’er Sheva offers lovers of classic, modern Italian cuisine a delicious Italian culinary experience, coupled with characteristically warm hospitality – just as you would expect in Italy.


In our open kitchen with its huge brick-oven imported from Italy, you can see how fresh, high-quality raw materials are transformed into appetizing dishes: pizzas and focaccia made from Vivino's unique dough prepared on our premises and "opened" only when orders are taken; fresh pasta, vegan-friendly and gluten-free dishes, children's dishes, and a tempting dessert menu.


At Vivino Be’er Sheva, you’ll also find an impressive bar, serving a huge selection of superb wines from local Israeli wineries, and an array of pampering cocktails to lift your spirits.


Much more than “just” a restaurant, Vivino Be’er Sheva is "La Piazza" where people meet for family events or business meetings, coming to enjoy fabulous Italian cuisine surrounded by an authentic Italian atmosphere!




Vivino Be’er Sheva

Be’er Sheva Mall

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What really gets the Italians excited?

Italians are addicted to coffee. At every opportunity, you’ll find them popping over to the nearest coffee bar, sipping a small, strong espresso, then continuing merrily on their way.

Every coffee has its own name: a small espresso is called “a coffee”, while a double espresso is called “lungo”. Want a coffee with lots of milk? Order a “cafe latte” Prefer a coffee with foamed milk? Order a “cappuccino”. And if you fancy a coffee with liquer, “coretto” is the coffee for you.